Contrast is everything.  Contrast makes things and ideas stand out.  It has a way of grabbing hold of our souls and making us feel something.  I strive to captivate an emotional response in my work through contrasting elements such as value, color and idea.  I simplify images and experiences, strip them down to the basic elements so that one can relate to the work.  The subjects are often familiar so that they can resurface memories or moments of individuals.  I strive to have a story that people can identify with and become a part of. 


I’m a architect, painter and photographer located in Chicago, while I grew up in the middle of Nebraska.  This duality of rural and urban is often prevalent in my work.  I often draw upon childhood memories of vast landscapes and openness while exploring the contrasting urban environment I’m in today.  Living in a densely populated bustling city provides a rich urban fabric full of life.  Although, I still feel myself connected to the freedom of nature and the emptiness and solitude it provides.  Many of my paintings stem from the photos I capture from day to day, my travels, and my returns to my home state.  As I draw inspiration from these environments and the people that inhabit them, I find myself more connected, aware and in the moment. 


Saatchi Art: https://www.saatchiart.com/ncasteel